Privacy Policy

COPunter, henceforth referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “site”, follows a streamline Privacy Policy, hereinafter called “policy”, regarding user data collection, storage, and use. The user, also called “you”, automatically agrees to our policy by visiting the site or using its services.

COPunter follows the highest standards of data encryption and security while processing personal information. We establish clear communication, in line with existing local, federal, and international statues for the safe-keeping of user data.

The Privacy Policy neither contradicts these laws nor is to be misrepresented as an exemption of legal regulations. The active laws within Colorado’s jurisdiction is the ultimate guidance for directing the collection, storage, and usage of personal data.

What Qualifies as Personal Data?

The nature of user information the site collects might vary over time as we add greater functionalities to COPunter. However, the policy will reflect such changes as and when such alterations might occur. COPunter currently collects, saves, and uses the following personal data: Name, Date of Birth, Age, Gender, Email ID, and IP Address.

The site may claim ownership of any material submitted or published on its pages by the users. The site accepts contributions as long as it adds value to the audience and retains exclusive rights of ownership over the materials volunteered.

How is the User Information Shared?

COPunter is primarily responsible for storing and handling user information, according to the limitations expressed in this policy. However, as the site continues to grow, we reserve the right to add or improve policies to accommodate future requirements. In which case, we will update our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

All third-parties accessing user data on COPunter’s behalf are formally authorized by us and are under contract to preserve personal data according to our Privacy Policy. The site uses personal data in three primary ways.

  1. Affiliate Partnership – COPunter may share data within its affiliate partnership program. Such data transfer must be pre-approved and are subject to regulatory verification.
  2. Marketing – The site uses data to streamline promotional campaigns and marketing communication. The collected data is then used to inform interested parties about crucial developments within the site or the industry.
  3. Third-Party Vendors – The site may use the data collected to gauge engagement, the average time spent by the readers on each page, and what content receives the most page views. COPunter works with reputed third-party vendors like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEOSurfer, and more for the explicit purpose of optimizing the site’s offers.

User Data Storage and Protection

COPunter retains data as long as it deems necessary to offer an uninterrupted user experience. Users can request for data deletion, updates, or correction, and are entitled to control several aspects of how the information is used.

COPunter follows the latest security measures to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of private data like SSL encryption. The collected data is only shared with partners and vendors from countries with adequate data security standards.