Terms and Conditions

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Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

Anyone wishing to use the services of COPunter must comply in full with the terms laid out. The terms outline the purpose of the site, the direction, and the premise of its content. The site is dedicated to bringing users a recreational source of information about online gambling news, reviews, and comparisons within Colorado and beyond.

The site neither offers gambling products nor facilitates gambling transactions at any time. The sole purpose is to help aspiring players make informed decisions about legal gambling brands available in the state of Colorado. The site includes affiliate links, which generates revenue if the users choose to signup on any of the operators at the end of the links.

However, users are requested to familiarize themselves with specific offers upon leaving the site. Some promotional content on the site is the result of exclusive partnerships with related brands. In which case, it’s possible for the site to offer different bonuses than what’s listed on the brand’s website.

Legal Restrictions

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Copyright Infringement

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The site uses professional tools to check for plagiarism. In case of replication and malicious use, the site reserves the right to pursue legal action, including but not limited to the removal of plagiarized content, financial settlement, and/or any other legal actions deemed fit.

The site focuses on the state of Colorado and continues to provide and improve the quality of content so that users may find a dedicated source of information. While the site is committed to publishing factual information, readers are advised to verify resources. The site will not be accountable for misrepresentation, either intentional or unintentional.