Cookies Policy

COPunter’s Cookies Policy, henceforth referred to as “policy”, explains how the website, also called “site”, collects and stores personal data via cookies. The policy explains the type of information collected, who has access to the information, and for how long the site retains the information.

Why Does COPunter Require Cookies?

COPunter uses cookies to better understand the user’s browsing patterns. Cookies allow the site to explicitly track user interactions through the pages. The information is then stored and used for future reference and improving recommendations based on the user’s search history.

The site may use three types of cookies, each with a distinct function. These are session cookies, permanent cookies, and third-party cookies. Session cookies are temporarily stored on your device during the session and allows users to browse the site without a hitch.

Permanent cookies are installed on your device. These stay for extended periods and monitor user behavior during subsequent site visitations. Third-party cookies help the site’s analytics team monitor and collect accurate web data. These are introduced by reputed sources like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Clicky, and more.

How Does COPunter Use Cookies?

The site follows all local, federal, and international laws while collecting, storing, and using personal information. The data help the site improve user interactions by aligning its products/services with the user’s interests. The site only uses identifiable/non-identifiable personal data that doesn’t compromise user security.

The site collects, stores, and uses data as a way to ensure the highest standards of quality while also solving problems related to the products/services found on the pages. The data further helps the site improve its business promotional strategies while establishing sustainable, long-term solutions for the visitors.

If you want to remove cookies stored on your browser, simply visit the browser and search for the “delete cookies” option. You can also set the browser’s default setting to reject cookies.

Third-Party Information Sharing Guidelines

The site shares user data with trusted third-party service providers to offer the best experience. COPunter instructs all third-parties to abide by our Cookies Policy. The site ensures every third-party has the required infrastructure to safeguard sensitive information at all times.

Neither COPunter nor any of its third-party vendors disclose personal or non-identifiable data unless requested by government authorities and investigative agencies. The site can use the data collected to exercise, establish or defend its rights against legal claims. COPunter reserves the right to use the data to ensure the safety of the site, its users, or third-parties if the need arises.

The site stores data for as long as it’s required to offer a seamless user experience. COPunter recognizes user concerns of data mishandling after ceasing to use the site’s services. For explicit clarifications on the latest status of personal data, users are entitled to file for complete data eradication from COPunter’s database. Users wishing to correct their personal information stored on our servers can request for data correction or update. In case of further queries, please get in touch with COPunter over email.