Colorado’s Sky Ute Casino Announces eSports Betting Services

With the world still reeling under the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, eSports rose through the ranks to emerge as a viable alternative to sports betting. It might stick around from now on as the operators are currently searching for the answers to a few pertinent questions.

The Sky Ute Casino in Colorado announced its intentions of launching an eSports-only mobile casino this week, and the management is hoping to garner sufficient interest to keep the venture alive. The tribe, along with its partners, GameCo and USBookmaking, formally announced the dedicated eSports sportsbook on Wednesday, and the service will be available exclusively in Colorado.

The news comes at the heels of South Korea-based TechnoBlood announcing the World Super League, which is a global eSports league featuring $450,000 as prize money with a multiple-event season.

The Official Word

“USBookmaking has been probing the viability of entering the lucrative US eSports market for the last three years. The partnership with GameCo brings the pieces together, and we can finally launch a comprehensive eSports wagering platform for enthusiasts to enjoy. We look forward to bringing this service to the Sky Ute Casino and the punters in Colorado”, said John Salerno, the Director of USBookmaking, in the official Press Release.

Sky Ute Casino is making headlines for the second time in a row as it became the first tribe to introduce mobile sports betting in the state back in June. The announcement could not have arrived at a more convenient time as sports betting operators witnessed a major increase in the demand for eSports wagering.

As COVID-19 forced major sporting leagues to shut down, thus putting the industry out of business, eSports emerged as an unlikely hero in the face of adversity. Since business resumed in limited capacity back in June, numerous states like New Jersey and Iowa have inducted eSports into their gambling portfolio, and quite a few reputed sportsbooks, including DraftKings, have begun offering a similar service.

What the Future Holds for the Industry

“We believe eSports wagering is quite a bit bigger than most operators believe. Most platforms are operating at the bottom end of the market, which includes watching live tournaments and betting on the odds. We’re doing it all and have our eyes peeled for unique opportunities that might crop up in the future”, said Rahul Sood, the founder of Unikrn, an eSports betting and entertainment media firm.

DraftKings has been predicting a massive boom in eSports wagering for quite some time now, and CEO Jason Robins has publicly spoken in its favor multiple times. According to official estimates, DraftKings currently has 20-times more eSports bettors and 50-times eSports daily fantasy players than the same period last year, and the trend caught on during the pandemic.

The numbers posted by DraftKings aren’t shocking to Unikrn or Spawn Point, which specializes in eSports consultancy and strategies, as they’ve encountered a similar trend for quite some time now. But the road ahead is yet to be determined.


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